Flabelos Machine Marketing

Flabelos vibration trainer helps boost income for salon and gym owners


flabelos machine marketing poster


The Flabelos vibration trainer, has been devised to tone, burn calories and improve posture in lightning speed which makes it a perfect addition to any beauty or gym business. Clients know they are achieving results in minimal workout sessions and this can all fit easily around their existing hair, tanning or gym appointment.

You’ve probably already seen the Flabelos marketing banners outside several beauty businesses and gyms and wondered what is was – now you have a chance to join the trend and make sure your customers are treated to the latest in weight loss advances.

As a small business, your service and product reputation is what distinguishes you from other companies within the same industry. Choosing to invest in a new treatment, product or technology will project an image that you are not only forward-thinking but fully up to speed with the latest health trends.

Salons/Gyms need to celebrate their uniqueness and smallness because it is these areas that are likely to bring them more customers.

Design and image are crucial to the success of any business venture and it is worth spending time and money improving your interior design or the façade of your premises to set you apart from your nearest salon or gym.

check out the training video!

Once you make the desision to to use FlabeLos in your business, you will be given access to a full marketing support package and product pack  (inc flyers, posters, charts, record cards and more) that will help you maximise your Return on Investment


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